Build Your Own Bowl and Noodle Me!


NoodleMe is a pop-up restaurant that specializes in customized bowls of noodles. Every bowl is made-to-order and is personalized to your tastes and specifications. When making a bowl of noodles, there are NO wrong answers, anything is possible. Explore the seemingly endless possibilities and combinations of a humble bowl of noodles and soup. Throw the rules away, get adventurous and Noodle Me.

The idea of NoodleMe was born in the kitchen of Dobbs Ferry SF by Lauren Lambert and Dennis Ngai while coming up with new recipes for their Late Night Family Meals. It first started with Lauren’s signature noodle dishes in early 2012 from Miso Ramen, Ox Tail Stew, to Pho Ga. Dennis, a noodle junkie himself, also created some of his childhood favorites of Fried Sauce Noodles and Ono Kauw Suey (Burmese Coconut Noodles). The two decided to experiment with different types of broths, noodles, and toppings, while keeping the flavors traditional yet exciting. NoodleMe  was born shortly after.

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